Exhibition title: Emergence: Art and the Incarnation of Space
Author: Richard Davey
Publisher: Martin Museum of Art
Date: 2019

Exhibition title: Out There
Author: Charles Darwent
Publisher: Eagle Gallery EMH Arts
Date: 2018
Exhibition title: Surface to Edge: Painting Light
Author: Camille de Singly
Publisher: Pollen, Monflanquin
Date: 2014
Exhibition title: La Peinture est Presque Abstraite
Author: David Ryan
Publisher: Analogues
Date: 2009

Author: Barry Schwabsky
Date: 2007
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Date: 2007
Exhibition title: Jane Harris: Paintings
Author: Martin Herbert
Date: 2005
Author: Richard Klein, Director of Exhibitions
Date: 2005
Publication title: UNFRAMED Practices and Politics of Women’s Contemporary Painting edited by Rosemary Betterton
Author: Rebecca Fortnum
Date: 2004
Publication title: JANE HARRIS Paintings and Drawings
Author: Godfrey Worsdale
Date: 2001